Jeep Brute Double Cab for Sale: The Ultimate Brute?

They say that inside every mild mannered person is a beast just waiting to be unleashed. If you’re feeling the need to release that inner beast in you, you need the ultimate set of wheels to sit behind. This means that you need a ride that’s powerful to look at, and even more powerful to ride: you need the Jeep Brute Double Cab for sale this year.

This head-turning, highway-stopping road monster is the epitome of power and off-roading versatility that any outdoorsman needs in order to make the most of a weekend. Whether it’s a camping and hunting trip to your cabin in the woods with your friends (which means that you need a lot of room to place your gear), or a fishing trip with your dogs and a cooler of beer to the nearby lake (which would also require a ton of room on your vehicle), this Jeep is exactly what you need to get to your destination safely, quickly, and comfortably.

The Jeep Brute Double Cab for sale is reasonably priced and boasts of several amazing features that will make it indispensable for anyone who wants to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life and reconnect with nature:


  • High Capacity Bed

bed of the jeep brute double cab for sale

It’s the biggest headache for most people who want to go for a vacation on the road: vehicle space. Not only do you need space to be comfortable during your drive, but you also need enough space to be able to bring along the people and gear that you need while on vacation.

This Jeep has a very roomy 61” by 60” bed, so you can definitely place your gear, your clothes, your tent, and even that Filson Brute to keep your drinks cool and refreshing. The Jeep’s bed also has a non-corrosive and non-slip interior to make sure that all your items are kept safe and secure. For extra peace of mind, there are also four tie-down anchors to give your items extra snug. Read our article about planning the perfect off-road adventure with a Jeep Brute.

  • Strong and durable rear bumper

The Jeep Brute Double Cab for sale now has a rear bumper that makes sure that your vehicle is kept safe from rear-end collisions. Sometimes, when you’re driving off-road, it’s pretty difficult to see the rear end, and more than one expert driver has fallen victim to that sudden jolt from behind. The rear bumper has integrated water storage and bent steel tubing for maximum protection.

  • Spare Tire

No more headaches and worries about a flat tire; the Jeep Brute has a spare tire always ready  when disaster strikes.

  • Double Cab Body


Even during those long drives, you’ll be comfortable inside the roomy interior of the double cab body of the Jeep Brute. This is a feature that you would usually expect to come with luxury cars like the ones in this list

  • Dual Sport Performance

You’ll never have to worry about a muddy patch or a steep slope ever again with the powerful dual sport performance of this Jeep. Punch up that 4-wheel drive and the 6-speed manual transmission to help get you out of this sticky spots.


If you’re in the market for a jeep that will answer all your traveling needs, focus your search on the Jeep Brute double cab for sale. Check-out our post explaining why we think the  AEV Brute double cab for sale has a very reasonable price. When looking for ads, make sure that the complete ad reads Jeep Brute double cab for sale; your inner sportsman will thank you for it!