Jeep Wrangler Brute: The Roughneck’s Choice of Ride

Year after year, editions of the infamous Jeep Wrangler are being built and introduced to the public. Now comes the Jeep Wrangler Brute. This vehicle truly lives up to its name because the engineers have fashioned it with lightweight ultra strong composite materials and added a 6.4 Liter V8 engine as well. It is ideal for off-road driving and with this kind of modification done to the previous Wrangler designs – it has doubled its lifespan. Now you have a tougher and more resilient all-terrain vehicle at your disposal courtesy of Chrysler.

Jeep Wrangler Brute

Building the Jeep Wrangler Brute

It took all of the collective intellect of the best engineers and designers at Chrysler to come up with the awesome manufacturing of the Jeep Wrangler Brute. The company also spent some serious numbers on its research and development because even though it retains the indigenous design that Jeep had for more than 6 decades, the vehicle had to be developed from scratch. The contributing factor was the combination of materials needed in order to make the vehicle lightweight and more resilient than its predecessors. The Brute sports stamped steel chassis, composite overlay and carbon fiber/reinforced fiberglass outer skin.

Jeep Wrangler Brute 2

The old school nuts and bolts construction was also added with high density welding and super adhesive materials making its structural integrity one of the toughest among today’s vehicles. This also makes the vehicle vibrate less during travel because of the compact construction method used. A truly remarkable vehicle provided by Chrysler!


The designers chose to build a V8 engine for the Jeep Wrangler Brute  because a rugged designed vehicle also deserves an equally powerful engine block. Consuming 6.4 liter per 10 miles, this engine produces 475 horsepower at 5,000 RPM and can propel the vehicle to a maximum speed of 105 Mph! But don’t worry because all that power does not go to waste on speed alone, but rather on its ability to cross rough terrain or climb uphill. With the vehicle being 200 lbs. lighter and its engine boosting up its torque you will notice a slight difference in terms of speed even driving off-road – that’s just what I want if I were to buy one for myself.

white Jeep Wrangler Brute

The Name Speaks for Itself

For the adventure-seeking spirit who knows no bounds and dares to go where others dare not, only one name matters- the Jeep Brute. The ultimate trekker trusts it so much because he knows that no other brand can give him safety, reliability, versatility and power like this vehicle can.

The Jeep Brute can tackle any surface- rugged tracks, muddy roads, slippery pavements and even snowy avenues without much effort. And, if you’re looking for real power and muscle, look no further, because Jeeps can haul other vehicles without any difficulty at all.


When it comes down to making a decision on whether or not you should purchase the Jeep Wrangler Brute, you simply have to make an assessment about it. Ask yourself these three questions:

1) Does it look good?

2) Is it cost-effective?

3) Will it carry you through anything?

Once you come up with reasonable answers to these questions, visit your nearest Jeep Wrangler Brute dealer and get ready for the ride of your life.