Jeep Brute Kit for Do-It-Yourself Conversions

Jeep Brute is a customized vehicle that combines the build of a Jeep and a truck, thus dubbed as the Jeep pickup. It is usually converted from a powerful off road vehicle Jeep Wrangler, installed with a long body behind to look like a truck, resulting into a badass Jeep Brute. Previously it was just available through a special order from the company that made the ingenious idea. Due to the popularity of the idea, Jeep Brute has released a Jeep Brute Kit to allow Jeep fans to try their hand at doing their own conversions.

Jeep Brute Kit Contents

Jeep Brute Kit

The Jeep Brute Kit is complete with all the things that will transform your Jeep into a Jeep pickup. It includes the following: mid frame extensions, an assembled cab closeout, rear frame extensions with winch mount, all 14 ga bed assembly with tailgate, an assembled Brute hard top, CNC fuel and break lines, two body mounts, and of course a detailed instruction manual to help you through your project. All of the contents of the kit retails at $8995 and is offered by Jeep Brute.

Now that you have your Jeep Brute Kit ready, you need to make sure that you have all the necessary tools for this conversion. Specialized tools and equipment, such as welding machines and metal cutters, are needed for this kind of project.

Starting your Conversion Project

Jeep Brute Kit 3

Take note that this is by no means an easy project. You should be prepared to spend a lot of man hours to work on your Jeep Wrangler Brute and make sure you see through the end of it. Allocate a space specially intended for your project preferably somewhere that can be enclosed so that you don’t have to move parts when you’re finished for the day. Remember that it can take many days before you finish so you need to be well- organized to prevent losing things from your Jeep Brute Kit. It is also suggested that you make a schedule of your progress to  keep track  of the entire project.


Jeep Brute Kit 2

Do-it-yourself projects require a great deal of time, effort, and enthusiasm to ensure its success and completion. More so if the task at hand is as big as converting a monster vehicle. You cannot do it half heartedly as there is a possibility that you might just abandon it.

Converting a Jeep Brute requires a deep level of commitment from you. The Jeep Brute Kit can help you with your project but be aware that it is just a part of the equation. You have to do a lot of research about similar projects and if possible,  talk to other people who have had experience in this project. Auto shops who offer Jeep Wrangler Brute for sale have experienced mechanics who can help you out. You can also post a comment in certain Brute Jeep forums.

That way you can surmise the amount of work you are about to do and not be blown away. All the effort you have put in will eventually pay off and you can show off your custom build of a badass Jeep Brute then finally get it on your off road driving adventures.