Brute Jeep Conversions for Your Outdoor Recreational Needs

Off road driving enthusiasts have a thing with the rugged, unpaved roads on mountains, deserts, and other challenging terrain that would otherwise be impossible to tread if not for specialized vehicles made for these kind of activity. The most popular choice of machine for these outdoor enthusiast drivers is perhaps the Jeep Wrangler; a compact four-wheel drive off road vehicle capable of maneuvering dangerous terrains that only these kinds of machines are able to do. Due to its compact body however, it is limited in terms of space and ability to carry more objects inside the vehicle. You might want to camp out on a remote forest and bring your tools and equipment but you may end up short on storage. That’s why Jeep Wrangler Brute has come upon an ingenious solution to modify the Jeep Wrangler and convert it to a Jeep truck called Brute Jeep.

Conversion Kit Brute Jeep

Conversion Kit Brute Jeep
Jeep Brute has released a conversion kit available for purchase. It has everything you will ever need to transform your Jeep into a badass jeep truck. With only $8,995 you get to have stamped steel frame extensions, an assembled Brute hard top, body mounts, cab closeout, bed assembly, CNC fuel and brake lines, and of course a detailed instruction to start your Brute Jeep building process.

Indeed, this kit will enable you to convert your good, old jeep into a jeep truck. If you do not have the skills to do this project yourself, you can always have it done by a professional.  On the other hand if you do have the skills, with this conversion kit you can get into Do-it-yourself mode and have the satisfaction of building and converting your one of a kind off road vehicle Brute Jeep.

ultimate Brute Jeep

Best of both worlds

The combination of two different kinds of vehicle into one is so much more you can ask for. It’s a jeep, capable of delivering the thrill of off road rugged driving, and a truck, with enough space to load all your outdoor needs; combine both features and you get one awesome machine. For an outdoor enthusiast it truly is a best of both worlds beast of a machine that will transport you to your destinations literally anywhere. With the Jeep Brute in your possession you outdoor travel will surely be a blast.

Brute Jeep

The Ultimate Recreational Vehicle

There are so many outdoor recreational vehicles available out there. Nevertheless people with really innovative ideas successfully create a whole new and interesting option to keep the game up. With the availability of this new conversion Brute Jeep, off road driving has reached new heights in terms of offering utility, great styling, and most of all durability. The ingenious combination of the capabilities of an off road Jeep with its ability to travel on off road paths and the spacious body of a truck, it has all that it ever needs to be the ultimate recreational vehicle. There has never been a high performance and durable off road vehicle ideally suited for a variety of outdoor recreational activities.